Featured Products

  • > Cu-Interposer
  • > Glass-Circuit-Boards (GCB) – coming soon
  • > Antennas – coming soon

General properties

  • > patterned Wafer diameter from 2” up to 300 mm
  • > customized Redistribution Layers (RDL) up to 8″
  • > thickness from 200 µm to 1 mm
  • > wafers, panels or boards
  • > hole diameter from 100 µm (depending on wafer thickness)
  • > minimum pitch equal to via diameter
  • > Cu-layer thickness starting from 1 μm


3D Integration
High Frequency Applications
5G Broadband transmission
Radar and imaging sensors
Beam Steering Networks

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Plan Optik AG is the leading manufacturer of structured wafers when it comes to technology. In sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemistry and pharmaceuticals these wafers are essential components used as active elements for numerous applications in MEMS technology. The wafers of glass, glass-silicon compounds or quartz are available in sizes up to 300 mm diameter. Wafers by Plan Optik provide high-precision surfaces in the ångström range, which are achieved through the use of the MDF polishing process developed by the company. Plan Optik wafers are available to minimum tolerances with application-specific structuring and complex material combinations.

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